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PRIORI skin services are adapted to all skin concerns, condition and needs, individualized, as no 2 skins are the same on any 2 days.

Following a thorough analysis to decode your skins requirements your PRIORI expert will devise a specialized facial treatment adapted to your needs and desires.  All you need to do is choose the length of time you have to spare!

For best results have you considered a course of treatment.

Treatment Price
Multi Layer Peel 30mins £45
Superceutical Peel 30mins £55
Priori Adaptive Facial 60mins £57
Course of 3 Multi Layer £115
Course of 3 Superceutical £140
Course of 6 Multi Layer FREE Skin Renewal Cream £270
Course of 6 Superceutical FREE Moisturizing Facial Cream £330

Upgrade your Adaptive Facial by adding:

Treatment Price
Multi Layer Peel £15
Superceutical Peel £20

PRIORI Mini Facial 
30 minutes / £30
Sometimes we all need a “Re-boot” – yet time is precious.  This adaptive Facial procedure is designed to do just that – re-boot your skin.  Your skin specialist will customize this treatment to your individual needs, leaving skin brighter, more plump, restored and hydrated – results you can see and feel!

PRIORI Prescription Facial
60 minutes / £50
If your not short on time this “Re-boot” will incorporate a skin enhancing massage. Whilst your skin specialist customizes the treatment to your individual needs. Your skin will feel smoother, brighter, hydrated and you will feel relaxed and de-stressed

Luxury Facial
75 minutes / £65 
A treatment with the wow factor that provides dramatic and visible results while achieving skin rejuvenation with improved elasticity, texture, tone and clarity.  Relax and lose yourself in a wealth of massage plus unique innovative skincare results! Includes a hand and arm peel treatment – you will awake feeling destressed, restored with youthful-looking skin.  The ultimate indulgence. Your skin. Uncovered.

Prescription Facial Peel
60 minutes
Multi-functional £60 
Superceutical £65 
If you wish to unwrap your skins true potential try adding our PRIORI Multi-functional or Superceutical Peel to give the ultimate results.

*Lunchtime Peel must’ve previously been carried out.  A Prep product is required for at least 2 weeks prior to Peel, ask within Bliss.

The Lunchtime Peel
30 minutes
Multi-functional £42 
Superceutical £52 
Short on Time? Your first-step skin peel for the “TIME CONSIOUS – RESULTS HUNGRY” client. Designed to analyze the needs of the skin, exfoliate and brighten the complexion and even the appearance of the skin, this quick lunchtime peel is power-packed with multi-layer benefits – even if you only have 30mins to spare!

*Prep product is required for at least 2 weeks prior to Peel, ask within Bliss.

Vitage at Bliss Salon, Perth
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VITAGE Custom Facials

Vitage® Advanced Antioxidant Skincare™ is a superior, high performance antioxidant range created by UK skin professionals. It suits a wide range of skin types and conditions, making it simple yet versatile.

Custom Facial
45 minutes / £40
60 minutes / £57
Red Carpet Facial: 75 minutes / £67
This treatment is customised to suit each individuals needs and work along with your home-care regime. This facial will not only boost the skin but also ensure its left soothed, toned, balanced and brightened.

Upgrade your Facial by adding:
30 minute Massage / £28

Custom Peel
30 minutes / £36
Tailored to suit you skins need this facial will give visible results in 30 minutes, perfect for fitting into a busy lifestyle!

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Medik8 believe that everyone deserves Beautiful Skin for Life. This is their ultimate mission. And it’s simple.

All you need to do is follow Their clean core philosophy of CSA: vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night.
Do this at 30 and they believe you can look 40 when you are 50. It’s never too late to upgrade your skin.
If you are new to Medik8, you only need 2 products to get started…

For ultimate results combine their results driven skincare with a course of Peels.

Medik8 Advanced Peels
60 minutes / £60
Choose between Universal, Even, Clarity, Rewind, Sensitive

Starter Peel Package
Includes C-Tetra, Crystal Retinal 1, Physical Sunscreen & 1 of the above Peels

Lightfusion at Bliss Salon, Perth
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Lightfusion™ has been developed to harness the power of light and deliver it as a safe, effective and relaxing photofacial.
Lightfusion™ gives visible results in just one treatmentby stimulating cellular mechanisms to counteract the natural ageing process and create long lasting results. A course of treatments can help to improve wrinkles, pigmentation and redness as well as support overall skin health.

Lightfusion™ Photofacial
30 minutes / £42
Combined with any other Facial / £15
Facial Course of 4 / £143

An express but powerful LED rejuvination facial. The combination of the LED Light Therapy to boost the collagen and hydration levels along with Vitamin C to brighten and energise the skin will be smoother, firmer and fuller in just 30 minutes.

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