Jinnylash extensions at Bliss Salon, Perth
Jinnylash extensions at Bliss Salon, Perth
Jinnylash extensions at Bliss Salon, Perth

JINNYlash® is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve longer, fuller eyelashes. JINNYlash® extensions are renowned for their natural-looking finish hence why JINNYlash® are everyone’s best kept secret.

This treatment involves attaching between 30 – 100 synthetic lashes onto the natural eyelashes. This delicate procedure involves attaching a synthetic lash onto one natural eyelash. The end result is natural looking, fuller, longer and beautiful lashes. This procedure is totally painless.

The synthetic eyelashes bare a close resemblance to natural lashes and once attached, with the correct care, can last several weeks, until the eyelashes naturally fall out.

The semi-permanent lashes have the characteristic c-shaped curl so even people with lashes that are short, straight or slope downwards can achieve individual lashes that curl upwards, without the need of eyelash perms or dyeing.


Full Set
2 hours 30 mins / £80

Re-touch every 2 weeks thereafter 
90 mins / £30

Party Eyes
90 mins / £46

Haven’t got time for a full set of lashes but still want the glamour for that special occasion. Then get party eyes, this look includes an eyelash tint* and a half set of lashes.

*Please note: a patch test is required, and must be carried out 48hrs prior to treatment.


Please do not touch the JINNYlash® extensions for the next 24hrs to allow the glue to fully dry and the eyelash extensions to settle.

Please avoid any water coming into contact with the eyelash for the next 24hrs.

Do not visit saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for the first 48hrs. Regular visits to sauna, steam rooms and swimming pools weaken the eyelash bond.

Please refrain from excessively touching or rubbing the eye area. Do not pull at the eyelashes.

If mascara is required, it is advisable to use the JINNYlash® Botanical Mascara, specifically designed for eyelash extensions. Only apply to the tip of the eyelash not the root.

It is suggested that the JINNYlash® Protein Conditioner is used in order to maintain and protect natural eyelashes.

Avoid oil-based products such as make up remover and any other cosmetics. Oil-based products can weaken the lash bond.

When removing eye make-up, it is recommended to use a cotton bud along the eyelash line.

If an eyelash becomes crooked, gently brush the eyelashes with an eyelash comb.

Please do not attempt to personally remove the JINNYlash® extensions. They must be removed by a trained JINNYlash® professional at the salon in which the initial treatment was performed.