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Guilt-free self care to recharge the batteries

You know, you can’t pour from an empty cup! Take time to prioritse yourself and recharge. The long-term effects of stress can take its toll. Whether it's a muscle relaxing massage with some hot stones, reflexology or back exfoliating body scrub - give yourself that boost for both your physical and mental wellbeing.


Bliss Custom Massage

Our massage therapists are trained in many different massage techniques, this allows us to integrate more than one style of massage into each treatment. This can combine Swedish massage, deep tissue, reflexology and lymphatic drainage. Let us specifically tailor your treatment to your individual requirements.

You have the option to upgrade your custom massage with aromatherapy – this involves using massage oil that contains highly concentrated essential plant oil that promotes beneficial changes in your mind and body.

Treatment Price
Bliss Custom Massage (40 mins) £45
Bliss Custom Massage (55 mins) £60
Bliss Custom Massage (70 mins) £75
Add Aromatherapy Blend +£5
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Cancer Touch Massage

Each therapist has attended Cancer Touch Massage Training with the Amethyst Trust. This allows our therapists to tailor and carry out a suited treatment depending on your needs without having to get a doctor's letter to allow treatment.

This requires an additional consultation to discuss what your body and mind are transitioning through along with addressing any long term issues from treatments.

Treatment Price
Cancer Touch Massage (55 mins) £60
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Hot Stone Massage

Basalt lava stones, rich in minerals, are used alongside essential oil to help melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, and increase circulation and metabolism. Hot stones, when coupled with massage, also help to expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body.

Treatment Price
Hot Stone Massage (40 mins) £55
Hot Stone Massage (85 mins) £80
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Pregnancy Massage

The Bliss Custom Pregnancy massage is a gentle, relaxing massage that can be enjoyed safely throughout the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

The treatment will begin with a peaceful guided meditation to calm, relax, support and celebrate both mother and baby during the special time before carrying out relaxation exercises on the feet and across the reflex zones to make the feet and ankles feel loose and supple.

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Indian Head Massage

This Seated treatment incorporating aromatherapy oils and traditional massage movements applied to the scalp, neck and shoulder area. Release the tension in your mid back, neck and head that can often lead to headache and migraines. Let the release of endorphins give you a sense of peace and relaxation.

Treatment Price
Indian Head Massage £50
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This treatment starts off with a gentle and relaxing foot massage. Each pressure point in the feet corresponds to different zones in the body. This allows your therapist to work on any problem areas; relieving stress, tension and inducing relaxation, helping the body to be brought back into its natural state of balance.
Treatment Price
Reflexology £52
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Blissful Back Treatment

Pampering that hard to reach area by giving your back its very own facial, using our skincare line to cleanse the area and massage out any of your aches and pains. We prepare the way for your skin to be smoothed with our exfoliator and nourished and detoxed with our mask. Then your therapist will move to the scalp to remove any residual tension. Finally the oils and exfoliator will be removed with hot cloths, making you feel super relaxed and your back regenerated.
Treatment Price
Blissful Back treatment £55
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