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It's hard work making a baby...

Your back's in bits, your hips are stiff, and don’t forget the sickness and headaches that come and go without warning! We all know it’s the best reason for feeling rubbish, so let the benefits of pregnancy massage ease some of your aches and pains away. At Bliss we use NEOM aromatherapy products, and our pregnancy massage can be enjoyed safely during both the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

Neom Bliss Pregnancy Treatment

The Neom Bliss Custom Pregnancy massage is a gentle, relaxing massage that can be enjoyed safely throughout the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

The treatment will begin with a peaceful guided meditation to calm, relax, support and celebrate both mother and baby during the special time before carrying out relaxation exercises on the feet and across the reflex zones to make the feet and ankles feel loose and supple.

This powerfully relaxing treatment will ensure that the mother-to-be is comfortable throughout her treatment.


Our 85 minute treatment will focus on all areas of the body including a Full Body Scrub and use Neom Massage oil to massage over the areas of tension to ease aching muscles, improve the circulation, relieve tiredness and fatigue, improve mood and enhance a comfortable, restorative night’s sleep.

The Neom Pregnancy Treatment is designed to soothe the soul and revive the body.

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NEOM Pregnancy Treatment (85 mins)
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Bliss Custom Pregnancy Massage

At Bliss we know how important it is to rest and relax and this couldn’t be truer when your body is growing a human being. To help support your body and mental health during this time we have adapted our custom massage to target those tired fatigued muscles.

This massage is suitable from the second trimester.


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Custom Pregnancy Massage (40 mins)
Custom Pregnancy Massage (70 mins)
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